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New AB range

  • The tablet dosage form makes it highly easy and safe to apply and reduces the risk of over- or under-dosing.
  • It is a single-dose treatment, which significantly reduces travel and labor costs.
  • Product disappears from the beehive after approximately 35 days, avoiding long-lasting contact of the active ingredient with disease causing agents, thus reducing resistance to such active ingredient.

Qualities that make this product the best product in the market

Some of AB products’ advantages are that they are applied only once, it is not necessary to remove them (lower travel and labor costs), they provide homogeneous and gradual release of the active ingredient for a period of 30/32 days (covering at least two capped brood cycles), which makes them highly effective (over 95% in all cases), and they suddenly disappear from beehives (graph 1), minimizing resistance risks, unlike slow-release traditional methods where over- or under-dosing could be a problem.

AB product range combats the three main diseases affecting beehives: Varroatosis, European and American foulbrood. Treatment should be administered in spring, when brood rearing starts, and in early fall.

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